Mat Britton

Mat is the founder of Trail to Triumph creating the run in memory of his late father Tony Britton. After Mat lost his father to Mesothelioma, he wanted to keep his dads name alive. Mat shared many memories with his dad running in the bush in Moranbah and playing a huge part in the coaching of soccer teams in both Moranbah and Mackay. Mat has somehow convinced more crazy people to join in each year and be a part of the run.

Mat is known for his generosity towards others and goes out of his way to care for other people not only through his job as a physio but with life in general. Mat is very well known through the Greater Springfield Committee and very highly respected. Mat has a very dry sense of humour which engages the room.

Sean Rowe-Hagans

Sean has been a vital part of the TTT family since 2015. He immediately put his hand up to be part of the committee and is currently our secretary, so as well as running each year he has worked tirelessly to help build Tony’s Journey into the event we have today. He constantly looks for new ways to improve and promote TTT and the people involved. 
As a former Commonwealth Games swimmer, Sean knows all about the hard work it takes to succeed when the going gets tough. Most swimmers will tell you they aren’t great on the land, however Sean is very different. This lad can run and we all think 2018 is the year Sean gets through to finish the full distance.

Dan Cody

Dan has been Mat’s best mate since they met at the ripe old age of 8. Mat describes him as that one lifelong friend that everybody deserves to have. Dan also had a lot to do with Tony and is a man that Tony had a lot of respect for. Dan has been a part of TTT each year on some level and this year has decided to go all in, 250km all in. 

Dan Ribu

Dan is back this year for revenge. Last year a simple nutrition choice worked against him to stop him finishing Day 1. Days 2 and 3 he dominated and basically controlled the group to get our lone finisher Richard Apps across the line. Watching Dan go about his business after the disappointment of sitting out a few km on Day 1 was quite inspiring. 
Dan is an extremely talented runner who loves trail running. In the last 12 months he has completed some huge races including and not limited to the world famous Comrades in South Africa, the Ultra Trail Australia 100km, the Gold Coast Half Marathon, and of course TTT. This is an incredible achievement even for the most elite of elite runners so to have Dan join us again is an honour.

Jarod Olsen

Jarod is another long time friend of the Britton family and was fortunate enough to have met Tony on several occasions. He has only been back into running the last few years and his dedication to the sport is very evident with rapid improvements in his distance and times. JRod as he’s known by his friends participated in TTT 2017, falling only a few km short of the full distance but returns this year to settle the score. Currently injured, he’s been training any other way he can to keep the fitness levels up, including huge distances on a bionic running bike. 
Jarod is the social media man for TTT 2018 and has taken on this role more than enthusiastically. (JRod didn’t write his own blurb but did answer the questions). He’s a very welcome member of the TTT team and brings a lot to the group. We have full confidence that you’ll see JRod complete TTT 2018 and rehydrate with a couple of tasty cold ones.

Darren Lanham

Ren is one of the nicest guys you're ever going to meet. He's another who's been a consistent supporter of TTT and a training partner to the run team. His love of V8 Supercars may make the pace on the road a little slow for him, and the scenery may be a little quiet for his death metal music tastes but we think Ren will love the weekend. He's a regular trail runner with a big journey in running so far. 
Ren is another of the Springfield Runners Group taking on the 250km TTT challenge. He's a regular run leader for the group so it will be great for him to be supported by our amazing crew and he can switch off and just run. Look out for Ren in the live feeds, he's either smiling big, laughing hard or destroying those behind him with his turbo charged flatulence.

Tim King

Tim has been a consistent supporter of TTT and training partner of the running team. In the last couple of years Tim has overcome a couple of niggling injuries and progressed his running in leaps and bounds. This year he has decided to tackle the full 250km run. Due to work commitments Tim has been doing a lot of his training alone in America, something we think will prepare him mentally very well for what he's about to endure.

Tim is very active with the Springfield Runners Group. He's been a committee member and a run leader / mentor to the kids group. Watching the kids progress and grow as people and as athletes was a pleasure to watch under his guidance. We welcome Tim to the running team and we are confident he will have a fantastic journey.

Neil MacNeil

Neil MacNeil Being a Geordie (from Newcastle in England), Neil has the coolest accent in the world. Just as well because he is a pretty cool guy too. He's very well respected in the running community and of course his home region in Springfield Lakes. 
Neil is an extremely talented runner who spends many hours out on the trails. In June this year he ran the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail 100 mile race, completing the 160km course in 23 hours, 26 minutes and 11 seconds.  Neil won his age group and finished 13th overall, an incredible effort. He is a very welcome member of the running group this year. We look forward to spending many running hours with Neil and getting a few tips on how to keep going when the going gets tough.

Jesse McKinnon

Jesse is another long time friend of Mat's, having trained boxing together (also with Dan Cody) as young fellas back in the Moranbah days. He's always been a very fit and health conscious person, and he's progressed this into becoming a well respected myotherapist and business owner on the Sunshine Coast. 
Jesse is very passionate about Trail To Triumph after losing a close family member to mesothelioma. Having this personal touch will help him to continue putting one foot in front of the other as the team cross the hot red dirt from Moranbah to Mackay. The strong will and mental strength Jesse possesses will not only be a great asset to him, but to the rest of the team when the pain sets in and body feels numb. We look forward spending many hours sharing the TTT journey with Jesse.

Mark Emr

Mark  is literally a legend in distance running, having run over 75 marathons and ultra marathons. He's also the founder and owner of Run 4 Life, where he coaches runners all levels to achieve their goals. Mark has this year come onboard as a TTT sponsor, coaching the full time athletes free of charge. He will be a extremely valuable asset to the team on the road with his wealth of running knowledge and ability to push through the toughest of conditions. 

Reece Eberhard

Reece is one of those people who simply go out of their way for everyone, all the time. He will do anything for you and give you anything you need, just because it’s his nature. He expects nothing in return, he’s just that guy. 
Also know as “Running Paparazzi”, Reece is amazing with a camera. He loves capturing all things running in video and still photos. If you see footage of Reece this year at TTT don’t be surprised if there’s a GoPro in his hand. The TTT Run team will be giving back to Reece this year, helping him smash his distance from last year. We are very fortunate to have Reece back this year, and look forward to having his happy, fun personality out on the trails.

Kylie Britton

Being Tony's daughter in law, Kylie spent a lot of time with him. They had a close friendship and unbreakable bond. In fact Tony used to call Kylie rather than Mat to make family plans (that could also say something about Mat's communication skills). Kylie has been a massive support for Mat in his dream of getting TTT started and improving it each year. 
Kylie first participated in the running component of TTT in 2015, the second year, and has increased her distance each year. Last year she ran over 140km, an incredible effort considering the limited running training she does. Kylie possesses an incredible amount of will power and pushes through pain without looking like she is struggling. She is a vital part of the TTT team, someone everybody gravitates to when they become part of the journey. Kylie will aim to once again increase her overall distance this year and we have no doubt she will do just that.

Alec Britton

Alec is Tony's grandson and is pretty much a clone, minus the red hair. He has a quick wit and a crazy sense of humour making him fun to be around (when not on the X-Box). This kid can run. He's that person that frustrates us all though because he does it without training. He will generally run about 50-60km over the TTT weekend.

Alec has a very generous streak. Following Tony's passing in March 2014, Alec requested that anybody attending his birthday party in June give cash. This money he donated straight to the Bernie Banton Foundation in his Grandad's honour. That's a pretty special gesture considering he was turning 10. His generosity was acknowledged when he received an award at NSW Parliament House for his contribution.

Lily Britton

Lily is a little pocket rocket. She has endless energy and being a great little gymnast flips and cartwheels all over the place. She has an infectious and bubbly personality with a cheeky side just to keep everyone on their toes. Lily remembers her Grandad, Tony, as the tickle monster and would keep going back for more punishment, which Tony was happy to oblige.

Lily will run approximately 50km over the TTT weekend, making it look easy. She has a heart of gold and will do anything for anyone. A favourite pastime is swapping shoulder massages with  Mat after long training sessions, although Mat and Kylie tend to think it's a ploy to stay up later at night. 

Palmira Brooks

Palmira has a long history in Moranbah and is another long time friend of Mat’s. She is also a multiple TTT participant. Palmira (and husband Russel) is very highly regarded in the TTT team and has a heart the size of a mountain. She works extremely hard to fundraise through barbecues leading up to the event and continues to be a fantastic team player throughout the run weekend. 
Palmira has the ability to run through pain, pain that would pull many super humans up. You should have seen her feet after last year’s TTT. Due to an injury laden year Palmira hasn’t been able to train as hard as she would have liked so she will run as far as she is able to without expectation. The TTT team happily welcome Palmira back this year and look forward to having her bubbly personality in the group. Check out the Facebook Page for 15 Questions about Palmira.

Chloe Rowe-Hagans

Chloe holds the record for the longest distance run for a junior at Trail To Triumph. In 2017 she covered 117km in the 2.5 days. One of the highlights of Chloe's weekend is running with her Dad Sean. Chloe is also a national level swimmer and for those who are water based athletes you'll understand the magnitude of her running achievements.
Chloe is lovely young lady to be around and adds a lot to the junior TTT running team. For the adults who are able to keep up with her, she is great company out on the trails. We look forward to watching Chloe go through the weekend and run for the enjoyment. Due to her swimming commitments she hasn't put a goal on her overall distance. It's great to know that she is joining us because she loves the weekend and the special time she gets to spend with her Dad. 

Will Cody

Will is one of those kids that works his butt off to succeed at everything he does. Whether it be running, Cross Fit, entrepreneurial ideas or school, Will gives it his all. He recently ran a marathon in training to prepare for Trail To Triumph, showing along the way he is prepared to hurt to achieve his goal of 2.5 marathons on TTT weekend.

Will is extremely polite and well mannered with a great sense of humour. Last year he ran over 60km at TTT and his respectful nature didn't change. He is just a great kid. The TTT team love having Will as part of the team, joining a fantastic little group of juniors on the journey. 

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