Jarryd Townson

Jarryd Townson Running in Trail To Triumph

My name is Jarryd Townson and I am currently the heaviest (Fat and unfit) I have ever been in my life!
When Mat Britton first asked me to RUN with him from Moranbah to Mackay to honour his Dad Tony…. due to my lack of fitness and knee issues, I graciously declined. However I offered to help in other ways and committed to what he was setting out to achieve….. and then Trail To Triumph was born!

Now four years in and i’m taking on one of the biggest challenges in my life, to date… and putting my body on the line to make it happen.

I am aiming to raise $20,000 and I am planning to run my weight in kilometres…. Yep for every kilogram I weigh, I will run that in kilometres….. and I am south of 100kg!!! Ahhhh!!

So needless to say, over the coming five months I am putting my body on the line to raise funds for Mesothelioma and Trail To Triumph in honour of Tony Britton.

My journey won’t be easy…. I have approx. 20-30kg to lose and have to teach my body to run again (haven’t really run in nearly eight years).

How can you donate and support my stupidity?

Option 1 – Business Sponsorship

$500 Sponsorships are available to sponsor me as a business (invoice available via TTT) and I will look to promote your business and your support as much as possible through social media, on the TTT Website and through custom training and promotional shirts (for myself and Pierre – these will have a cut-off date). For more information about this, please email me directly – fightorfloat@foxandbuoy.com.au

Option 2 – $ per Km

I am willing to take ‘dollar per km’ donations, however the minimum is $1 per km and although my target will be my kgs (over 100), there are 250km on the Trail to Triumph journey……

However, i’m more concerned about making it to the starting line than doing any extra kms at this stage! So don’t be too concerned, but be mindful.

Option 3 – $ per kg lost – From weigh-in to end of TTT

Happy also to take donations for this and the minimum would be $2.50 per kg, with realistically only 20-30Kg available to be lost….. however this could likely occur with or without the run outcome.

Regardless of what you donate, I appreciate your support and thank you for even considering donating.

Yours in fatness and soon to be fitness,